Radical Fashion


“Feel the Breeze … ” is a fashion label inspired by black history and the struggle for civil rights in America, South Africa and around the world throughout the 20th century and by the struggle for freedom by oppressed individuals throughout human history.
“Feel the Breeze …” label suggests the feel of wind on your skin passing through the arabesque mesh of a cotton classic diamond pattern string vest.
“Feel the Breeze” suggests “Blowing in the wind” The song by Bob Dylan that was a joyful anthem of change around the world a battle hymn of young educated but angry youth who were growing up in a world where bogus forces stood naked in the sudden gust of new technology and youthful vigour.
If you own a slice of one percent of a gold mine in the Congo do you personally check that workers are on Bupa?
“Feel the Breeze” is akin to rock and roll except it is not white men singing and playing black man’s music.
“Feel the Breeze” is a totally new concept in fashion, culture and economics.
“Feel the Breeze” is ART
“Feel the Breeze” – intelligent fashion, it responds to matters of racial culture, politics and environmental issues.
The fashion silhouette shifts every generation or so and it has recently embraced the wife-beater at the expense of 50 years dominance of the T shirt.
“Feel the Breeze” is for everyone, it is unisex.
“Feel the Breeze” shows your tatts
“Feel the Breeze” shows your tits
“Feel the Breeze” is sexy,
“Feel the Breeze” is Punk.
“Feel the Breeze” is yardy.
“Feel the Breeze” is Amy.
“Feel the Breeze” is gay
“Feel the Breeze” is Pikey
“Feel the Breeze” is disco
“Feel the Breeze” gives you lizard style diamond patterned sun tan.
“Feel the Breeze” is on the street.
“Feel the Breeze” addresses issues between the very rich and the very poor.
“Feel the Breeze” shows off pert nipples.
“Feel the Breeze” will be the street fashion sensation of the future.
“Feel the Breeze” is environmental
“Feel the Breeze” vests are cool in hot weather
“Feel the Breeze” vests are warm when its cold
“Feel the Breeze” is set to yield fantastic profits.
“Feel the Breeze” is a ten year project.
“Feel the Breeze” string wife beaters will achieve a significant percentage of fashion and merchandising T-shirt business.
“Feel the Breeze” string wife beaters trap a layer of air around your body, they are more comfortable in hot weather and warmer when its cold. I saw on TV a member of the first Everest expedition who wore string long-johns for warmth. He claimed that he owes them his life and they are now in a museum in Wales. Incredibly he has visited the museum to put them on to recapture the feeling so attached was he to wearing them. “”Feel the Breeze” celebrity endorsement. Rock stars, actors, models, Revolutionaries, A category prisoners.
“Feel the Breeze” develops from bleached motif on basic cotton generic stock to hi-end hip-hop/haute couture range and brand. Street fashions, branded basics lines up to exclusive high end couture retaining all integrities and relevance.
“Feel the Breeze” – product development, string bags, hats, hoods, mesh featured jeans and jackets.
“Feel the Breeze” will identify manufacturers and plot pathways through yarn development garment pattern design construction and potential.
Brand husbandry.
Feel the breeze is inspired by high ideals in recent human culture and will share and retain this heritage applying its lessons at the core of growth.



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